The Great Ocean Road


Here I am staring in awe at a rock. It sounds ridiculous and I guess, maybe it is.

But I’m standing here where an ancient ocean had carved through 50 meters of limestone to get closer to the land.

In this moment I feel so small, and that’s good.

It’s these moments that make me want to go everywhere and stay in one place at the same time.

Nature never fails to stop me in my tracks and let me know that nothing that happens in my life will ever be as beautiful as a sunset at the Gibson Steps, my problems will never be as big as Tassy’s Mount Ossa and my life can never get as chaotic and out of control as the surf that surrounds the 12 Apostles.

It blows my mind that there are billions of people who will never experience this and millions who will experience it only once and believe that that is enough.

It’s not enough.

When it’s more than just a pretty view or a gorgeous sunset on the most untamed coastline you’ve ever seen, once isn’t enough.

When it’s a feeling, once isn’t enough.

A feeling you can only experience when you realize you’ve travelled over 11,000 miles from home just to be standing where you are right now.

That feeling of knowing that it doesn’t matter who you are, what you’re running from or what you’re running to, because here in the midst of these massive cliffs and beside a vast and wild ocean you’re nothing and nothing matters, if only for a moment.

This is what it feels like to be truly humbled, and once just isn’t enough.


Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic or a huge sucker when it comes to sunsets and indescribable landscapes like the ones I’ve recently seen in Tasmania and in Victoria, but The Great Ocean Road really did blow me away.

Great Ocean Road Memmorial
Great Ocean Road Memorial

If you’re going to Melbourne a day trip along The Great Ocean road is a must, I almost didn’t take the time to go down and see it and I now know that that would have been a huge mistake.

By day trip, I mean it’s necessary to put at least an entire day aside for this if not a couple. I was on the road from about 7 AM to 10 PM and by the time my head hit the pillow I was exhausted.


I had been overwhelmed by the more natural views, fought with other tourists for the perfect shot of the Apostles and was even shit on by a bird at one point. The ten minutes I spent at the bottom of The Gibson Steps alone made it all worth it.

12 Apostles
12 Apostles

A day tour is a good way to get a glimpse of all the important stuff on The Road like The London Bridge, 12 Apostles, Gibson Steps, Loch Ard Gorge and of course the iconic Great Ocean Road Memorial to name  just a few stops.

However, I’ve promised myself that the next time I get the chance to explore The Great Ocean Road I’ll be doing it on my own time. I always find myself wishing that I’d put more time aside, done more research and had the nerve to just hire a car and stick to the wrong side of the road.

I only spent a day on The Great Ocean Road, I’m no expert, just an American girl wandering around Australia, who ended up on the coast of Victoria.

All I can tell you is that a trip here is absolutely worth it rain or shine, hot or cold.

Whether you book a tour or do some research to explore on your own, go out and do it.

If my ranting hasn’t convinced you to get out there, hopefully these photos will. 

Rainbows at The 12 Apostles
Rainbows at The 12 Apostles.
A view from the bottom of The Gibson Steps.
A view from the bottom of The Gibson Steps.



Another view from the bottom of the steps.
Another view from the bottom of the steps.


Thank’s for reading this short post! 

I’ve been super busy with traveling and classes but with only having a short time left in Australia I’ve been wicked nostalgic, pretty sad and just had to write about my most recent trip to Melbourne. 

Over the past couple months I’ve accumulated heaps of travel stories and photos and with my trip to Italy coming up there will be even more so I promise I’ll stop neglecting the blog. 

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